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Swift & McDonald, P.S., in Seattle, Washington, is recognized as one of the nation's pre-eminent law firms practicing in the areas of military criminal and disciplinary law for U.S. service members around the world, as well as military family law for military personnel and dependents residing in the State of Washington. In addition, Swift & McDonald provides a full range of legal services in the area of National Security Law, as well as federal and state criminal defense, professional licensing, and advocacy to protect the rights and safety of witnesses and victims in criminal proceedings.

Protecting the Reputations of Professionals of All Ranks and Positions

Senior partners Charles Swift and Catherine McDonald, along with office manager Christie Williams, bring together more than a quarter century of unique legal credentials and experience handling military and civil cases of national and international significance. Because of the high profile of many of their cases, the firm knows that winning in the court of public opinion is equally important to winning in trial. Therefore, Swift & McDonald places a strong focus on media relations. Mr. Swift has lectured at national and international legal educational seminars on topics regarding controlling the message to the media throughout a court case.

Learn more about the firm's primary areas of legal focus at these pages:

  • Military law, criminal and administrative: Military service members have the right to retain private civilian counsel in criminal and administrative matters. Attorney Charles Swift is recognized as one of the nation's leading military law professionals, with legal defense experience handling the highest-profile cases involving national security. Mr. Swift served as JAG legal defense counsel for more than ten years, protecting the rights of enlisted members and officers facing criminal and administrative proceedings. Mr. Swift's record includes more than 150 courts-martial. He represents clients at military bases anywhere in the world.
  • National Security Law: Legal counsel in all areas of national security regulations
  • Military divorce and family law for service members and families in Washington: Attorney Catherine McDonald represents service members and dependents in family law matters in military communities throughout Washington State. Working as a team, the firm offers unique experience in military law matters relating to custody, retirement, and property issues specific to military circumstances and benefits.
  • Federal and state criminal law and DUI defense lawyer: Swift & McDonald, P.S. attorneys provide experienced, effective criminal defense services for individuals charged with offenses in state and federal courts throughout Washington. Attorney Catherine McDonald has more than 13 years of experience as a public defender in Washington.
  • Professional Licensing:
  • Witness and Victim Advocacy

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Many law firms will talk about experience. In military law matters, and high-stakes criminal defense proceedings, it is the right kind of experience that makes all the difference. Make your first decision the right one. From offices in Seattle, the firm represents clients in civilian criminal matters and military family law matters throughout Washington State. Mr. Swift represents clients in military law and national security matters around the world. Contact the law firm of Swift & McDonald, P.S. to arrange a free initial consultation at our Seattle office with a national recognized and experienced e attorney today.