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Family law matters relating to individuals and couples in the U.S. armed forces are unique. Issues such as troop deployments, extended TDY, housing allowance and retirement benefits put issues on the table that are simply not part of non-military divorce, custody, and marital property cases. The fact that the service members are subject to the rules and processes of the local civilian court system makes it even more critical that your attorney has experience handling military divorce.

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I am attorney Catherine McDonald of Swift & McDonald, P.S., in Seattle, Washington. I have been practicing law in the courts of Western Washington for almost 20 years. My practice is divided between representing clients in family court and in criminal court. As both the spouse of a retired military officer and having been through a divorce myself, I appreciate the importance and the unique challenges of military life when it comes to ensuring that both parents have a role in their children's lives, and the importance of the military pension. I am committed to serving military families, retirees, and contractors to ensure that their service doesn't disadvantage them in the local courts. I appreciate the tremendous toll that the last 10 years of service has had on our men and women in uniform. I realize that multiple deployments and combat related stress can have severe consequences on the family in the form of alcohol and prescription drug abuse, as well as incidents of domestic violence.

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While serving in the public defender's office and in private practice, I've not only successfully advocated for my clients in the courtroom, protecting them from criminal convictions that would have done long term damage to their careers, but also, where appropriate, helped them find the right medical treatment to ensure a complete recovery. Whether you are facing a divorce or a criminal charge involving domestic violence, child abuse, or driving under the influence, I can help. Together, we will get through this and get your life and career back on track.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to help U.S. service members resolve their family law matters in courts throughout Western Washington. Together with my law partner, retired JAG officer Charles Swift, we combine decades of military law experience for service members living and working anywhere in Washington State.

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As a member of the U.S. military, it makes sense to talk to an experienced military divorce lawyer to get your questions answered. I offer a free consultation to discuss your unique set of circumstances. Contact my office to discuss your military family law matter in the State of Washington, including:

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From offices in Seattle, I represent active duty and retired U.S. military personnel in divorce and family law matters throughout Washington State. Contact the law firm of Swift & McDonald, P.S. to arrange a free initial consultation at our Seattle office with an experienced Washington military family law lawyer today.